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Public Attributes

sqlite3_vfs Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int iVersion
int mxPathname
void * pAppData
int szOsFile
int(* xAccess )(sqlite3_vfs *, const char *zName, int flags, int *pResOut)
int(* xCurrentTime )(sqlite3_vfs *, double *)
int(* xDelete )(sqlite3_vfs *, const char *zName, int syncDir)
void(* xDlClose )(sqlite3_vfs *, void *)
void(* xDlError )(sqlite3_vfs *, int nByte, char *zErrMsg)
void *(* xDlOpen )(sqlite3_vfs *, const char *zFilename)
void(*(* xDlSym )(sqlite3_vfs *, void *, const char *zSymbol))(void)
int(* xFullPathname )(sqlite3_vfs *, const char *zName, int nOut, char *zOut)
int(* xGetLastError )(sqlite3_vfs *, int, char *)
int(* xOpen )(sqlite3_vfs *, const char *zName, sqlite3_file *, int flags, int *pOutFlags)
int(* xRandomness )(sqlite3_vfs *, int nByte, char *zOut)
int(* xSleep )(sqlite3_vfs *, int microseconds)
const char * zName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1322 of file sqlite3.c.

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